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Major Drug Company in Livonia, MI

Project Name: Freight Order Consolidation

Problem Statement/Purpose: Project aims to report orders which are shipped multiple times a day to the same location, this would help to consolidate all the orders and then ship through a single shipment resulting in a huge freight cost cutting


  • Identifying all the freight source systems and building a data mart to pull the required data items.
  • Writing a SQL script to tune the data in accordance to the report requirement (Dashboard and Detail page)
  • Project involves complex calculations and security which are handled in framework model.
  • Shipping orders need to be reported based on the Eastern Time Cutoff (5:00 PM,6:00 PM) which would help warehouse manager to hold shipments at a cut-off time which provides maximum cost cutting

Business Value:  This project saved our client an approximately of $240,000/Year on freight charges.