About Us

Our Story

Established in 2007, Conflux Systems provides unique staffing solutions that bridge the gap between high-end consulting services and offshore development. Conflux Systems originated as a software development and business intelligence firm.

Conflux has experienced steady growth over the last fourteen years, outperforming its competitors with fast and cost-effective staffing solutions. Regardless of whether the requirements are on-shore or offshore, we employ the same rigorous recruitment strategy to fulfill our clients’ needs for software development and other IT staffing requirements.

Our Mission

Our message is very simple; “We help organizations monetize their data”.

The motto helps in realizing our mission: to leverage the platform to create unrivaled customer experiences. Whatever business challenges the client may have, we are here to help them. We help new businesses build themselves while offering critical staffing resources to business model innovation and managing changes.

Our areas of expertise include software development and business intelligence and we help our clients to gain insights, build competitiveness, and make informed decisions. In our capable hands, you are sure to have an answer to every critical query.

Vision & Goals

The core vision of our business is to provide customer-centric solutions by offering on-demand software developers, business intelligence, and data analytics candidates to help our clients rapidly scale up or down their IT workforce as demand requires.

Values & Work Ethics

Trust in a business can only be earned but can never be bought. By strictly adhering to our core values and ethics while maintaining transparency, we want to foster an atmosphere of trust between both our clients and our employers. We safeguard your trust in every step you take with us. Our values and work ethics are simple:

Efficiency above all

Deliver the best

Inclusion of everyone

Trustworthy, economic, and rapid

Software Development

Software Development Staffing: Hiring a full-time employee is an expensive process. In addition to paying for salary, benefits, and training, you must compensate for thousands of hours of lost productivity. Using Conflux, we remove the barriers to initial startup and allow you to adjust your newly hired employee’s role according to the required timeframe. Then, our employees will transition into the appropriate position upon completing your project or meeting your business needs.


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